Creating a YouTube Channel To Showcase Your Work


Once you have established your Makeup Artist education and have experience with professional makeup application, either from freelancing or creating makeup looks for your own platform and page promotion, and have also established your business by creating your website portfolio and/or an Instagram page, and have begun to receive engagement from your online/social media presence - you may be thinking, why not begin to expand your work onto other social platforms to reach and inspire an even wider audience? We suggest: go for it!

The best way to expand your business is to start creating videos! Some people may hesitate to create videos, thinking that they are a more expensive investment; but keep in mind, videos are far more informative than a picture, and much more engaging. You can start creating videos even on your smartphone, don’t be afraid to start small and grow as you learn! 

Your first venture into video creation can be exploring the video platform on Instagram. Creating videos where your followers become engaged and interested in how you may have created a certain look from a photo that you shared. However, Instagram gives you only 1 minute to show how you created a makeup look and definitely is not enough time for your audience to understand the full step by step process.

With that said, the best option will be to apply your step-by-step videos to a YouTube channel, where you are able to show the entire process. You can give your followers a sneak peek of your work on Instagram (this is always highly recommended!) so that they will then “click the link in your bio” to go straight to your YouTube channel to see the full process with details and explanations. If your audience enjoys your videos, they will subscribe to your channel, and will then become the first to see your new videos. Once you create this sense of engagement and following, you will see that your audience will look forward to your content and ask for your new videos, and maybe even make specific video requests! 

Things to think about before creating your YouTube channel: 

1)    You already are creating your channel with an advantage – you know the dedicated theme: makeup and/or hair (or both)!  You will have to be consistent with the content as people who are looking for makeup related videos won’t like, for example, a vlog from your trip to the mountains, or anything else not connected with makeup. You can choose any aspect of the beauty industry that you want, including makeup, hair, and more; from describing how you created a certain look to reviewing makeup products and providing your thoughts, or creating unique hairstyles. In fact, reviewing makeup and/or hair products is a great idea especially if you know that people are interested in purchasing a particular product (for example: if it’s a hard to find new release!) and will be specifically looking for a review. You can also upload makeup tutorials. Creating the content that is most effective will be a bit of an experimentation to see what works best for you and your channel, and will take time.

2)    Very importantly, you will have to carefully think about the name of your channel, as it will be impossible to rename later. The name should be catchy and an identity that you like from the beginning, you can also use your name from a platform people already know you from (for example: if you’ve created your Instagram following and want to be sure your followers can easily find you on your new YouTube channel!). Prior to creating a name, be sure to check if there is a channel with the same name or very similar to yours, as you don’t want people to get confused and head to the wrong channel.

3)    Another important tip: The maximum video size cannot be more than 128 GB and is not to exceed 15 minutes in length; although if you verify your YouTube account they will let you upload longer videos (up to 11 hours – but keep in mind that it is important to keep your videos as concise as possible, as you want to keep the interest up from your viewers!).

Your first steps to create your YouTube channel:

1.    A google account is a requirement at YouTube; go and register there if you don’t have one already, and then you can proceed with creating the YouTube channel.

2.    Choose a picture that will represent you and your work. The channel icon is usually taken from your google account while the channel art can be created by yourself. This option can be a favorite picture of your work, or the logo of your business, etc. 

3.    Write a description for your channel. In this space, it is important to share who you are, how you got into makeup, what you like, or it can be any details that represents you! Don’t forget to add direct contact details as this will make it easier for people to reach out to you to offer a business partnership or collaboration!

4.    You will have to make your account public otherwise it makes no sense as other people will not see your videos.

5.    Choose a category where your videos will best apply to the topic of creation, likely this will I be in the “HowTo & Style” category since YouTube doesn’t have a specific category called Makeup or Beauty.

6.    You may also be able to eventually earn money from YouTube if you let them monetize your videos. This can be allowed in the settings of your channel. Monetizing your videos means you let YouTube add ads to your videos and they will pay you accordingly based upon the quantity of views. Keep in mind, this is something to aspire to grow to - since April 2017 it doesn’t work for videos with number of views less than 10k. It’s frustrating, but should encourage you to build and grow your channel as best as possible! 

You will definitely need to create videos that will make people interested in watching them to gain more views – engaging your audience from the first few seconds is very important! This also means that you should create an introduction that will interest people to stay on your page and watch the video for the longest amount of time, and maybe even they will decide to watch your other videos and/or subscribe to your channel! YouTube will rank your video higher on search results if people watch your videos longer!

In order to make your followers interested in your channel you have to constantly and consistently film new videos. Film as much as you can, creating new content for your viewers. Try to make them interested in what you do, you can see what interests your audience by the number of views you receive on every video you upload, as well as the comments! Engage your viewers and try to figure out what your audience likes best – ask questions! Ask for feedback! 

As you begin to film videos on a consistent basis, your techniques will also improve and you will learn to find your own style, which new viewers will appreciate.

Additional tips, tricks, and thoughts on creating the best possible video content for YouTube:

1.    Make sure you are speaking loud enough during the video, or your voiceover can be heard well, as no one will continue watching your video if they hear nothing. You have to be in the center of the shot while you are filming, talk directly to the camera so people will feel that you are talking to them! 

2.    Use music for your videos, it can be softly on in the background, in between cuts, and while you are showcasing the makeup application. This makes the “waiting time” a bit more pleasant while you are blending your eye shadow (for example). It’s important to only use non-copyright music as otherwise YouTube will block your videos. YouTube even has a great selection of non-copyright music available to you – you can search for your favorite here:  

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 9.34.19 AM.png

3.    Protect your videos from other people stealing them and using as theirs by adding a watermark or light text (not taking away from the video itself!) throughout the whole video. It’s also very important that this watermark is placed somewhere where it does not block your face or hands while you are trying to explain a technique. You can add this watermark in any of your video editing software. 

4.    Of course you have to edit your videos by cutting unnecessary parts, leave only what matters! You can also speed up some parts of the videos to make a same step pass by faster. Free video editors can be downloaded from the internet or can be found in your phone applications. We highly recommend the free applications that come already installed in your desktop computers; Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 9.35.48 AM.png

5.    Every video has to have a name! Think of a name that will draw people’s attention so that they will want to click on it and watch it and maybe even subscribe to your channel!

6.    To help people search for your videos on YouTube you can add hashtags like you do in your Instagram channel. Make sure that these tags will apply to your video content. Type less used tags as otherwise your video will be lost in abundance of other people’s videos. By this we mean you can narrow your tags from #makeup to #eyemakeup or #cutcreasemakeup. for example, or you can even create your own tags (your name or business name!) and this way keep your videos together and very searchable!

7.    You can also add links to the products you used in your video in the description bar below in order to help your followers find them more easily (and if you work as an affiliate for a brand, be sure to add your direct link!). Exclusive coupon codes and partnering with brands is also a great way to promote your videos and receive more engagement – everyone loves a good incentive!

8.    Always interact with your followers, it is very important on any social platform! If you receive a comment, you should always like and/or reply to it. Followers that feel appreciated will be more likely return to your channel and continue to watch your content! You can even ask your followers some questions, for example, if they liked your video and see what will they comment below. This way you can also improve/grow with the help of your audience!

9.    Don’t be discouraged if you receive negative comments from time to time– just ignore the comment, delete it (if applicable) and move on, it means nothing to you! As these comments may distract your followers from the channel content you can remove them. However, some comments may contain constructive criticism so think them all over and make your next video even better!

10.  Some people prefer a schedule for video uploading, while other vloggers will upload randomly, you can choose what works best for you by experimenting with uploading time.

11.  You can also add links to your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter accounts or any other social media account to your YouTube channel in the bottom right corner of your Channel Art to promote your entire social media network.

12.  After you have created the YouTube channel and started uploading videos you will need to constantly and consistently promote your channel and videos on your other social platforms so that people know that you have your channel! You can add a link to your channel in the bio or write under your teaser Instagram video that people can see a full version with all the steps and details on your YouTube channel and providing the link. This is very important as people will not know it if you don’t tell them.

YouTube, like any other social media platform requires a lot of dedication and time to grow, you already have the talent and education – so just be patient, and with practice, continued experience, and time your social media presence will continue to grow and the investment that you have made in establishing your business and brand through a social media platform will be well worth it!


Professional Makeup Products For High-End Taste On A Budget

We would all love to afford the most expensive and lavish makeup brands, but let's be serious! Even for the Makeup Artists that have amazing incomes: it is not practical in the long run to have a kit filled with only high-end products (especially since you can find some equally comparable products that are easily affordable!). Makeup goes fast when you are working a lot, doing multiple looks and people on a job. Also, if you are a beginning Makeup Artist and are already struggling with getting your business off the ground, finances may be slim, and discovering those amazingly efficient beauty brands that don't break the bank will be your saving grace.

In our professional experience, these are the best affordable beauty brands that never cease to amaze us. Of course, keep in mind, it is always about trial and error. Whatever does wonders in the hands of one artist, might not work for you. It's whatever fits with your style and technique - so play around with these options, and find what works best for you and your individual artistry!

1. NYX

This one is a wide range Makeup Artist favorite. It's diverse, with an amazing range of colors and options and it's more than affordable. Somehow, it flies under the radar because (please don't gasp) it’s a brand that can be found in your local drugstores! However, don't be fooled by appearances, NYX always delivers and you'll hear Makeup Artists raving about it. It’s easily accessible for those last minute on the job necessities. May I also mention? The lip glosses galore and lipsticks ($4.55-$9)! They are a must try, definitely don't miss this one.

Try: Their liquid illuminators ($5.25-$7.50)! They give such a natural subtle glow-from-within type of finish. Absolutely gorgeous!


2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics or OCC

What we love about this brand (besides it's catchy name) is that it is vegan, cruelty free and it comes with a very affordable price tag. Founded in New York City in 2004 by makeup artist David Klasfeld, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics started with one singular product (a lip balm duo) and has grown into an extremely popular brand. Best known for offering up colors and textures you didn’t even know you wanted, the line today includes everything from the beloved Lip Tar liquid lipstick ($17) in 60+ shades to OCC Skin ($23), one of the first collections to cater to HD beauty needs.


3. Catrice

Another cruelty-free beauty brand which is also affordable! If you're not familiar with the brand you for sure have been missing out! Catrice Cosmetics is a budget friendly, drugstore makeup brand that has amazing makeup products of the best quality. Also, they have a new 2017 collection that we are all currently obsessed with. They are also well known for their super pigmented and high-end eyeshadows ($2.99+).

Try: Their matte baked eye shadows ($4.99+) are an absolute must!


4. W7

W7 Make Up, the inspiration of two entrepreneurial young men from West London was created in 2002. Their aim – that every woman should have access to an extensive range of high quality cosmetics at an affordable price – is now definitely a reality, thanks to them! The company has grown exponentially within the past few years and now W7 boasts a collection of over 500 products including: nail polish ($5.95), lipsticks ($4.95-$9.50) and glosses ($5.95-$7.95), eyeshadows ($4.95-$19.50) and more mascaras ($5.95-$10.50) than you could dream of. In other words, W7 Cosmetics offers affordable makeup products with great quality and fun fancy packaging. 

Try: Their matte bronzer ($7.95) or nude palette ($7.95)!


5. Coastal Scents

In addition to being easy on your bank account, Coastal Scents is also cruelty-free. If you’re looking for affordable makeup palettes perfect for professionals, Coastal Scents should be your go-to brand. This brand provides the variety you need in your kit—at a fraction of the cost. What’s cool is that they also have individual color selections that let you build your own palette. In our opinion, the Coastal Scents ‘Revealed Palette’ ($19.95) is actually the best beauty budget pick up for those really strapped for cash because it combines the greatness of color options that you would find, for example, in the Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked 2 into one great palette. It’s packed with 20 natural eyeshadow shades in a range of matte, metallic, frost, shimmer, and satin finish, shades that range in color from the most basic of beige to the most rocking of taupes. This is a no fail destination palette that will be sure to provide you with that highly coveted natural nude glam look!

Try: Any of their 88 Palettes ($11.95-$14.95) - with a variety of colors in cute packaging!

Makeup Tips To Improve Your Game

Like in every profession, the more you work and the more information you absorb, the more experienced you are! Experience provides you with tips and tricks that will change your work completely to make your work faster and of better quality. The same is with makeup. Some tips you will learn from YouTube videos, some tips you will read about in magazines, you can even go to a makeup school to follow your dream to become a Certified Makeup Artist and they will teach you the foundation of knowledge and provide experience. Additional tips you will learn from other Makeup Artists as you work in the industry and with all of this built up experience you will begin to build your perfect and unique skill set that works best for the Makeup Artist you aspire to be!

In this article, I am going to share the makeup tips that I learned throughout my career that can help you work with clients or can help improve your makeup game if you do it only for yourself:

1. Nothing is more frustrating than when you finish doing your eye makeup and you begin applying mascara and all of a sudden - it gets onto your perfectly blended eye shadows! To get rid of the smudged mascara just wait until the mascara is dry and remove it with a dry Q-tip.

2. If you feel like your mascara is not working effectively as it used to; it may just be dry, of course, but if you bought it recently and it just doesn't do the best job - try to remove extra product from your mascara wand. It will change your mascara game for sure (and prevent loads of clumps)! You can do it on a paper towel or on the sides of the mascara tube.

3. Eyeliner always makes us hold our breath and we pray it will turn out perfectly (even the most experienced Makeup Artist can have their off days!). However, have no fear, it can always be fixed - even if it isn’t straight enough, don't panic! You can fix it with a Q-tip dipped into eye cream and lightly applying on top of the crooked part; this will remove your mistake. Or, you can use a concealer with good coverage to correct the application. Take the concealer on a synthetic flat brush and cover the areas that need to be fixed – never forget to blend it!

4. When you have dry lips none of the lipsticks or colored lip glosses will look good on them (except possibly a clear gloss). To get rid of dead skin on your lips you can use a scrub, or a toothbrush. Go over your lips a couple of times to “exfoliate” and make them baby smooth. Also never forget to use lip balm or any hydrating lip product afterwards! If you do it regularly your lipstick or lip gloss will always look fresh and properly moisturized!

5. If you are looking into more natural makeup removers for your makeup, your search is over! Coconut oil is a great makeup remover.

6. If you forgot to bring blush with you on set or you are searching for a more natural looking blush, coming from within, try to use your cream lipstick as a blush. Be sure to blend, of course. Remember, you can not apply it on top of powder, only on bare face or on top of liquid or cream foundation. Otherwise, it will not blend!

7. If you decide to create a festive look with some glitter, removal can sometimes be hard. So the best tip is to use tape! You just press in onto the areas where you applied glitter and gently pull it off. Go over these areas until all of the glitter is removed - be gentle!

8. Do not ask your clients to smile hard when you apply blush and don't do it yourself. As when a person stops smiling her cheeks will go back down which leaves the blush at a lower spot than intended. This is an important professional tip for mature skin especially!

9. If you want a perfect skin when you are 60, having less wrinkles and lack of dark spots, wear sunscreen today and every day! You should always use sunscreen underneath your makeup as well.

10. Don’t neglect tightlining! Especially if you don't have a lot of lashes, or they lack volume. It changes the eye makeup game entirely making the eyeliner look complete, lashes thicker and lash line full. So many benefits, right?

11. If you still use your brushes to apply and blend out your foundation try to use a beauty blender for blending. Beauty blenders can truly be a game changer! It blends your foundation seamlessly making it melt so invisibly into your skin. It works magic with blending your contouring as well leaving no place for harsh lines!

12. If you don't have time to do a full glam on yourself or on anybody else, I mean foundation, contouring, brows, lips, lashes… Choose brows, they are the most important! As soon as you “wear” brows your face looks framed!

13. The brow game has to be strong! To get perfect brows you have to follow the rule:

a) Find where your brow starts by holding a brush upright along the side of your nose. “1 (shown in the photo below)” this is where your brow has to start.

b) Find your arch by angling the brush upwards through the center of your pupil. Your highest point of the arch has to be where “2” is.

c) Find where your brow should stop by angling the brush towards the end of your eye. The end of the brow will be where “3” is.

The beginning and the end of the brow has to be on the same level, the end might slightly be higher but never lower!

14. If you were not born with thick lashes, never fear, you can use this trick: after you prepped your eyes with primer use loose powder to set it and apply a bit onto your lashes. When you apply mascara afterwards it will give your lashes extra volume!

15. If you decided to go with smokey eyes and decide to highlight your waterline as well to make a bolder effect, do not apply eyeshadow, only use eyeliner. First, it can irritate your eye as the eyeshadow is chunky and its parts can easily get into your eye. Second, it will not stay there! Use gel eyeliners or eye pencils instead.

16. Never leave eyeshadows unblended, especially the darker ones. Unless you are doing an editorial or creative makeup look which is supposed to have this kind of application (for your artistic expression). If you decide to work with darker eyeshadows and don’t feel very confident that you will be able to blend them really well, use lighter colors as transition shades in the crease first and then application and blending of dark eyeshadows will be much easier! Even pro Makeup Artists use this tip!

17. One more tip about working with darker eyeshadows or eyeshadows that fall out really easy. Apply a load of translucent powder under the eye area. If you have fall outs you will dust it off easily with this powder in the end. Or you can use specially designed Shadow Shields for it. They stick to your lower eyelid making the area under your eyes secure from any fall outs. Or you can even use a napkin, lightly pressed under the lower lash line while you are applying the tricky eye shadow!

18. One little thing that can ruin your client’s attitude towards your work is when eyelash glue sticks the upper and lower lashes together and she cannot open her eyes! Be careful! A solution to this is while applying lashes don't ask your clients to close their eyes, instead ask them just to look down.

19. I know there is a ton of makeup products on the market right now, and the amount is constantly growing. It is impossible to buy all of them! I know the struggle is real, they look so beautiful whispering “you need me”. I am a makeup hoarder, I get it! BUT! The thing is that most of the best products are already invented and produced, you just have to really look into reviews to find what will work best for you. Don't play by the makeup brands’ rules which show you so many ads making you want to buy their products even if you already have 10 of the same products at home! If you still feel like you need this new product for your kit, read reviews before buying it and then see if you can test it out prior to purchasing! It is very often that a product does not meet your expectations when you read another person’s opinion and see swatches. I know that we can almost always return or exchange the product that is not right for us but why disappoint yourself after trying out the product without reading reviews? Of course also aside from the money saved – it is time saved and well spent!

You will learn a lot of makeup tips and tricks from everywhere – inspiration is all around you! Keep an open mind that not every product or tip will work for you – this is completely ok. We all have different eyes and face shapes, different skin colors and different skin types! Don’t worry if you cannot make a certain product or technique work. Find the ones that are best for you! It may take a bit of time but you will find it! Trust me!


Top 5 Summer Beauty Trends

For most of us summer is in full swing and we are getting ready to leave work, head to summer events, vacations or holidays! As the temperature rises so does the pressure to do our normal beauty and hair routines. Here are a few simple current beauty trends to cut time during those hot summer days, yet still look effortlessly gorgeous.

Long Whisper Lashes

Long “Whisper” Lashes are all the rage these days and really easy to achieve! Lash extensions can be individually put in by your lash provider. The process takes about one hour and a half and can run up to 75 dollars for the initial session. After, you just need to maintain refills every two to three weeks. The best part about lash extensions is you don't need to apply mascara daily. All you need is a small lash brush to curl them upwards to achieve an amazing natural lasting lash look.

Red bitten Lips

On days when you feel like you have no energy or it's too warm to do a full face of makeup, it's best to keep it simple and rely on one accentuation. There are so many amazing shades of red lipstick, glosses, and balms out right now. The easy going way to achieve just bitten summer lips is to first moisturize your lips with a clear colorless balm, then apply the lip stain or color and smudge with your fingers or lips. This look is amazing for day or night.

Faux Freckles

Some of us are blessed with natural sun spots and cute freckles, some of us are not! If you desire to achieve that freckled sun kissed look, don’t worry, there is a way to ‘cheat’ this often admired look. Makeup Artists have been doing this trick for ages; what you'll need is a small fine brush, brown liquid eyeliner with a fine pen end, and/or a brown toned eyebrow gel pot. Begin with your foundation/moisturizer/powder base, and then individually draw on each small freckle with love. The best area to keep your freckles in for a natural desired look is over your cheeks and nose in one band. Using inspirational photos as reference are really helpful. After you are finished use a finishing powder that is translucent and apply a bit of bronzer powder for a more sun-kissed look.

Natural Curls

Yearlong we apply heat on our hair, day in and day out putting extra stress on our locks. During the summer heat we simply should try to use what has naturally been given to us giving our hair also a much needed vacation! For those of us with curly hair, achieving the perfect curl can still be excruciating! Start by using a deep conditioner on your locks leaving it in for an afternoon relaxing around the house. Towel dry. Then, depending on your hair type apply a light serum or curl crème and let air dry. The important part is to not touch your curls until they are dry! If you do not have curly hair, do not fear, there are ways to also achieve this look! After towel drying, brush your wet hair gently. Then, split hair in the middle, apply serum or curly crème and section your hair off into two braids. Leave in until dry. After dry, use your hands to undo and “mess” the braids, apply sea salt spray and a small bit of hairspray for a finish. Voila!

Crazy Brows

Ever seen someone with such a perfect pair of brows it drove you crazy? For the last year messy, thick brows have been all the rage. Even though they may look “undone”, there is normally a small amount of work behind your favorite pair of messy brows. Waxing with your brow professional is a great way to achieve the perfect shape for your brows. You may also want to consider an old Middle Eastern technique way of brow keeping called threading. The pulling of the skin in waxing can cause later wrinkles, so this technique is best for those that are 30 and older! Threading is a great alternative to waxing. To top off your messy brow look, you may want to also ask your technician for a skin/brow tint. A skin/brow tint provides a little more brow drama by adding color and volume underneath your brows. You can also cheat the darkness by using a darker shade of brow gel and a fine cornered brush.

The most important summer trend of all is to unwind and enjoy the sun! Use sunscreen and drink lots of water and you will glow from the inside out! Happy summer everyone!