Makeup Kit is Included!

Just to ensure that your blossoming makeup career gets started on the right track, we’re also going to throw in a brand new professional makeup kit!
Not only will you be prepared with proper training, you’ll have the tools to be successful.

 Thinking about starting a new career as a professional makeup artist? Ready to become a makeup artist, online? Great! Our goal here at the Online Makeup Academy is to help you become the professional makeup artist that you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Because online makeup schools are one of the best ways for you to start your professional career as a makeup artist, we're currently offering you a free makeup kit to use when applying makeup. Having access to your own professional makeup starter kit is going to help you start your new career, and with no extra costs.

Your "MAKE UP FOR EVER" Kit Includes:


  • MF 11 FOUNDATION PALETTE (retail value of $113)
  • MF ULTRA HD FOUNDATION x 2 (retail value of $86)
  • MF EXCESSIVE LASH Arresting Volume Mascara (retail value of $25)
  • INGLOT TRANSLUCENT LOOSE POWDER (retail value of $12)
  • INGLOT AMC EYELINER GEL 77 (retail value of $14)
  • IMAGIC CAMOUFLAGE CREAM PALETTE (retail value of $15)
  • LIP PALETTE 28 COLOR (retail value of $15)
  • CITY COLOR BLUSH PALETTE (retail value of $15)
  • LA GIRL CONTOUR PALETTE (retail value of $15)
  • 22-PIECE SET: PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSH KIT (retail value of $35)
  • METAL PLATE WITH SPATULA (retail value of $10)

Total value: $407

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So Just How Important Is It For A Professional Makeup Artist To Have The Right Makeup Kit?

Extremely important! In fact, every professional makeup artist is going to have their very own makeup kit with them. That's why we're currently offering you a professional makeup starter kit that will give you all of the basic makeup essential that you're going to need in order for you to be successful. We want you to be ready to work as soon as you graduate from our online makeup courses, and having your own makeup kit is going to help you do just that.

 We start by giving you a full palette of only the most popular eye shadow colors. Along with a gel eyeliner and a professional brand name mascara, you'll have your clients eyes looking spectacular in no time at all. You'll also receive four different shades of liquid foundation, one loose powder, and two concealer palettes, all of very high quality.

 Additional professional makeup items include a cover-up and a corrector, as well as two different concealer palates. And you'll also receive 12 professional makeup brushes, which are crucial, and a carrying case to put everything into, which is going to quickly help you become the professional makeup artist you've always wanted to be.

 Because this absolutely free online makeup kit is indeed a starter kit, you're free to start building on this kit in order to truly make it your own. You'll first need to ask yourself a few questions in order to help you determine what kind of particular cosmetics you're looking to add to your makeup portfolio, and why. For example, what kind of makeup do you think you're going to need in the professional makeup application jobs you'll be looking for once you graduate? Do you want to apply makeup to only celebrities?

  And because the free makeup kit is super lightweight, you don't have to worry about it being too heavy to carry with you all day long. And although this makeup kit includes everything you need to provide a professional makeover, understand that you can also do simple make up touch ups, as well.

 Because It's Super Important For Every Professional Makeup Artist To Be Very Hygienic, The Following Are A Few Tips On How You Can Keep Your Personal Makeup Kit Both Clean And Sanitary:

  • Be sure to clean your brushes after every single use. You can use a drop of soap while softly massaging the bristles, and then rinse them gently under lukewarm water.
  • If your professional makeup brushes have a wood base, be sure to dry them at an angle so that the water does not soak directly down into the brush, which will ruin it. You can also hang your wooden base brushes upside down from a towel rack.
  • Because using mascara tends to spread more germs than any other makeup product, it's highly suggested that you change out your mascara every four to six weeks.
  • After using one of your eye shadow colors on one of your customers, be sure to gently rub off the top layer of the eye shadow, give it a quick spray of rubbing alcohol and then let it completely dry. This easy method will help keep bacteria from growing on the eye shadows.
  •  Instead of using your finger to apply moisturizer and/or cover up to a customer, use a sponge or a spatula, which is much more hygienic.