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The Special Effects Makeup Artist Course includes:

- A groundbreaking curriculum on Special Effects Makeup Artistry including all of the top professional techniques exclusively taught by industry leaders.

- Included in the course is a hand selected Special Effects Makeup Kit which will provide all of the tools needed to start your work within the course.

- Complete video training including step by step guidance - proper safety, sanitation, as well as cutting edge techniques such as prosthetics, injuries, aging, tattoos, and more.

- A certificate of completion will be issued upon successful mastery of the course curriculum.

- Upon completion of this course you will qualify for PRO cards from our partners, which includes top brands in Special Effects artistry.

- You will receive one-on-one guidance and professional feedback.

- You will have lifetime access to the course, even after completion, including continued post graduation support from your mentors/tutors.

- You will be taught by NYC based instructors. This is an unprecedented opportunity to receive a top New York professional education, no matter where you may be located.

- This course is available internationally, completed entirely online, anywhere, at anytime!

- The goal at the end of the course is to build your professional portfolio in Special Effects Artistry.

Your Instructor



Krystle Feher is a powerhouse in the film, television, and editorial industry in NYC. Her talents have become one of the most sought after in the area, specifically for her extreme versatility. Krystle is known for her Special FX and Film Makeup artistry, working consistently as a key artist on set for notable feature films with her own IMDB film credits page. Her work can be seen in music videos, commercial editorial (K-Swiss, NBA), Television (The Daily Show, Wahlburgers, A+E, TLC, Lifetime, and Vice Networks), on celebrities (Courtney Cox, Alicia Menendez), and has received press and acclaim for her film work in such notable print publications including The Boston Globe.

Class Curriculum


  • Course Introduction

  • Safety

  • Sanitation and hygiene

  • Client comfort

  • Special Fx vs Beauty

  • Career Paths

  • Set etiquette

  • Reference photos

  • Common mistakes

  • Tools and products


  • Station setup

  • Materials and products

  • Chip brush technique

  • Bruise application

  • Scars

  • Scrapes

  • Different kind of cuts

  • Using Transfers

  • Gunshot


  • Tears and crying techniques

  • Sweat effect

  • Chopped lips

  • Frozen look

  • Dead look

  • Teeth application

  • Sunburn


  • Color theory

  • Airbrush - how to use and clean

  • Tattoo cover up techniques

  • Fake tattoo - pen, transfer, airbrush application


  • Types of hair

  • Face preparation

  • Beard application

  • Mustache

  • Nails application

  • Wigs and body hair


  • Purpose

  • Bald cap types

  • Challenges

  • Hair preparation

  • Bald cap application

  • Painting

  • Removal

  • Making the bold cap


  • Prosthetic materials

  • Adhesive types

  • Preparation phase

  • Prosthetic application

  • Silicon application

  • Teeth application

  • Adding blood

  • Hair and nails


  • How the face ages

  • Gravity and wrinkles

  • Challenges

  • 3 ways to achieve

  • How to make the face younger

  • Latex application

  • Aging - hair


  • Preparation

  • Fake ears

  • Face prosthetic application

  • Painting

  • Nails

  • Body painting and hair


  • Life saving tricks for makeup artists

  • How to be a successful makeup artist

  • How to get Makeup Pro Cards and Discounts

  • Makeup Application for Sensitive Skin and Acne

  • Creative makeup application

  • Victorian Period Updo

  • Hollywood Style Updo

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  2. The Master Makeup Artist makeup kit will be prepared and shipped (usually within 3-5 business days).

  3. You will have an unlimited amount of time to complete the course, as well as continuous lifetime access to the course.

  4. Please submit before & after photos, a description of each look, and include the printed upload form.

  5. Upon each submission our professional Makeup Artist instructors will reply directly to you with specialized feedback based upon your submission.

  6. There are a total of 19 assignments to complete your certification in Master Makeup artistry.

  7. You will have to take a multiple choice final exam at the end of the course (you will have unlimited submissions, our goal is for you to master the professional techniques!).

  8. You will receive your certificate after you have completed and submitted all module assignments, and once they have been reviewed, confirmed, and answered by our professional Makeup Artist course instructors.

  9. You have 21-day money back guarantee to test if the course is right for you. The value of Makeup Kit is not refundable if it's opened ($750).


Our mission is to provide you with a rich and personalized learning experience, that will help you to become a professional Makeup Artist, all from the comfort of your home.  From initial contact to graduation, we want every communication you have with the school to be exceptional and memorable.

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