At the Online Makeup Academy, we offer an unlimited amount of time to complete the course you are interested in learning. Our goal is for our educational opportunities to work for you and your own schedule. You create the timeline and schedule that is best for you to work on and complete the course you are interested in pursuing your continued education in. Typically, students will complete their selected course between approximately 2-6 weeks, but again, this estimated timeline can be increased or decreased depending on what works best for you, your life situation, and your availability!

The opportunity to create your own schedule is an ideal benefit that you are only offered if you decide to complete your educational studies in an online and/or more personally directed environment. With the ability to create your own schedule, you will never have to feel ‘rushed’ or ‘bored’. You decide the pace that is most suitable for your time available at hand.

  • You receive the flexibility of changing your study and practice hours and educational focus depending on your current schedule. Time availability can change, from week to week, or month to month, and our instructors at the Online Makeup Academy understand that – we allow you the flexibility of beginning the course and completing it during the timeframe that is best for you.
  • If you’re well on the way to completing your course and your schedule changes unexpectedly, you do not have to worry about the course availability and access expiring – you can begin again whenever you are ready, your previous submissions will still be valid and the course will never expire.
  • If you end up having some extra time on your hands and want to expedite your certification process, that’s great! You are not bound to a pre-determined schedule, we welcome daily (and multiple!) submissions through our online course database. When you are ready, and when the time is right for you, we are happy to work with you at the pace that you prefer.

Our Makeup Artist course at the Online Makeup Academy offers 8 individual learning modules, with a required 9 assignment submissions to earn your certificate. Our module breakdown and assignment requirements (replicating the makeup look and technique(s) that you have learned in the module) is as follows:

-       MODULE 3:

Assignment 1: Natural Makeup Application
Assignment 2: Transition from Natural to Evening Application
Assignment 3: Carbon Black Smokey Eye Application
Assignment 4: Red Lipstick Application

-       MODULE 4:

Assignment 5: Casual Makeup Application, Matte Finish
Assignment 6: Glamour Makeup Application, Dewy Skin Finish

-       MODULE 5:

Assignment 7: Bridal Makeup Application

-       MODULE 6:

Assignment 8: Mature Skin Makeup Application

-       MODULE 7:

Assignment 9: Cool Eyeshadow Technique

-       FINAL EXAM

For the final exam there are 50 multiple choice questions, you must answer 45 of these questions correctly. You have an unlimited time to complete this exam, and if for any reason, you do not pass the first time, you can take this exam an unlimited amount of times and as frequently as you wish.

Our main goal at the Online Makeup Academy is for you to master Makeup Artistry!

It will typically take students between 2-3 hours to prepare and complete an assignment for the look replication from the course for submission.  With this knowledge, it will approximately take you:

  • One submission a week: 2 months to complete the course.
  • One submission a day: 2 weeks to complete the course.

This timeline can vary depending on your schedule and how you would like to plan for your assignments! Ultimately, the time for completion and certification process is entirely in your hands and up to you based upon what will work best for your own needs, lifestyle, and schedule.

In our generation of technological advances and online accessibility, we are allowed the unique opportunity to continue our education and advance our knowledge like never before through available online resources. Digital education is a learning medium that opens up the door and offers many advantages that had not been offered to students of previous generations. Now, more than ever, students are choosing to complete and/or continue their learning through online education. Digital and online education offers great benefits that are truly unique to the availability of the internet and its ability to reach far and wide all over the world.

  • The internet bridges location boundaries! Now you don’t have to move to a certain city to receive the best possible education, you can complete your studies from the comfort of your own home (or a location that is most convenient and comfortable to you), and be anywhere you wish to start your education and career. At the Online Makeup Academy we offer a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing anyone from all countries and corners of the world (our curriculum is accessible and recognized internationally) to learn from highly regarded New York based professional Makeup Artists who have years of professional experience and specialize in the career that you want to learn – professional freelance Makeup Artistry, covering all aspects from fashion, editorial, celebrity, theater, private clientele, bridal, and more!
  • Ease of accessibility on the internet is also a major plus to deciding to pursue your studies and continued education online. At the Online Makeup Academy we offer the entire course curriculum in one convenient online database, which you will have your own unique log in access to. This means, you can access your course materials at any time, and from anywhere – with just your username and password.
  • Not only can you create your own schedule and timeline as you complete the modules in the course; with online education, you will also have the ability to determine how quickly you feel that you comprehend something and how long you wish to spend on studying the topic at hand. For example, in our course, you can always repeat and re-watch our video modules, and will have lifetime access to these important learning tools (even after your graduation and certification from the course!). This means that you can spend as much time as you feel is necessary to perfect your individual technique, style, and the makeup application lesson(s) that interest you the most. The amount of hours that you put in for study and practice time is up to you, and your individual level of experience. Although we always emphasize that practice makes perfect, and it is important to perfect your technique as you launch your career as a professional Makeup Artist and lean how to professionally apply makeup to others. You can determine what your natural skill set is and what area of makeup artistry you choose to excel in based upon your individual talents and interests.
  • Affordability. Online education offers affordability in education, eliminating many of the necessary “traditional” costs that occur when attending school in person. You don’t have to worry about transportation, commuting costs, textbooks, or being forced to study topics that don’t interest you; you determine the classes and subject matter that is most beneficial to fulfilling your career aspirations, so you are only paying for and studying the things that will improve your direct knowledge base on the path to fulfilling your dreams, sharpening your professional skills, and setting the foundation for a profitable and enjoyable career!

Perhaps one of the greatest hesitations in deciding to pursue online education is the unavoidable (and assumed!) decrease in personal interaction of teacher and student. At the Online Makeup Academy, this is not the case. We have perfected the idea of bringing a ‘physical school’ to an online location with our Online Makeup Academy courses. We know what works in a ‘real life’ schooling environment, and we bring this skillset directly to you, no matter your location! Our professional Makeup Artist instructors come from our physical location where we have been practicing professional makeup artistry education for many years, with successful students from all backgrounds and interests.

  • One-on-one communication. We bring the personal experience of a classroom setting to you, but take it a step further. Instead of being in a classroom of many (and receiving group assistance by the instructors), at the Online Makeup Academy our curriculum offers one-on-one communication. You will have the opportunity to communicate and work directly with your course tutor. Upon each assignment submission, you will receive personal feedback based upon your individual submission. No matter where you are in the course, you can always ask a question and you will always receive a professional and personal response from our professional Makeup Artist instructors.
  • A sense of community. One of the assumed benefits of in-person education is the opportunity to connect with your peers. At the Online Makeup Academy we bring this sense of community to you. Bridging the gap between locations and offering a unique experience for our students to become as involved as they desire in building their professional network and connecting with others for inspiration. We have various digital platforms that are active, including a unique course curriculum question board that is only available to students who are taking the course, as well as a Facebook group, where students can post inspirational ideas, feedback requests, opportunities, and more. In addition, we have our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest) where we actively post inspirational and professional content, as well as share the successes of and promote our student’s individual work to a large audience and network targeted to those who love and appreciate makeup and its artistry in all forms!