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The definition of a professional makeup artist can mean different things to different people. We've had many students join our online makeup school, each with their own personal agenda when it comes to applying makeup on a professional level. While some of our students are interested in working as a professional makeup artist in the entertainment or fashion industry, we have other students who are interested in working in the service industry or even as a freelance makeup artist.

Makeup Artistry Categories:

There's quite a few makeup artistry categories for which students can choose to focus on. If you feel that you're ready to become a makeup artist online, now is definitely the time to do so!

  1. Entertainment Industry. A majority of our students have shown an interest in working in the entertainment industry as a professional makeup artist, which includes things like applying makeup to actors when on a film set or in a theater. Although choosing this category can be quite exciting, it can also be quite demanding. For example, it may be necessary for you to apply makeup in order to make an actor look ill or older, which takes special makeup applying skills.
  2. Fashion Industry. Students who choose to work in the fast paced and exciting world of fashion often rave about their new makeup careers in the fashion industry. Working in this industry will have you preparing models for their professional photo shoots, as well as for their runway shows and promotional pictures. Those who choose this industry must have a very focused eye, as well as a good understanding when it comes to how lighting effects one's makeup.
  3. Service Industry. Many students who graduated from our online makeup school are currently working in the service industry, which includes providing makeovers, as well as demonstrations, on how to properly apply makeup while using the best application techniques. This can be done in high end department stores, as well as in beauty salons and professional day spas. Choosing to work in the  service industry can also include providing facials and skin consultations, as well as recommending the best makeup products for any particular person.
  4. Freelance Makeup Artist. Many of our students choose to become a freelance makeup artist because they enjoy the freedom of being able to pick and choose the jobs they want to work on. When wanting to work as a freelance makeup artist, it's essential for you to do a lot of networking. You're also going to want to work on a variety of makeup projects in order to create a makeup portfolio that's quite exceptional. Professional makeup artists often like to work on their own terms, and truly enjoy doing makeup for events like weddings, dinner ceremonies, special award parties and beauty pageants.


The Art of Makeup:

Professional makeup application is an art. In order to be successful when working in the world of makeup artistry, it's essential for you to be creative if you want to be successful. This requires that you think a little differently from everyone else. It also requires that you learn something new, every single day.

Being a professional makeup artist is truly a lifestyle. 

The majority of people who sign up for our online makeup classes tend to have a very creative side to them. They've always enjoyed the topic of makeup artistry, yet didn't quite understand all of the many proper makeup application techniques that existed. Now anyone who wants to be a professional makeup artist can do so, and all by simply signing up for our professional makeup courses online.

Now it's easy for any aspiring makeup artist to realize their dreams of working in this exciting industry!

Our professional team here at Online Makeup Academy fully understands how important it is for you to keep current on all the latest makeup trends. We want to be sure that all of our students always have access to the most recent makeup application news, which is going to help them find the best jobs available in this exciting career.

The following are a few practical tips that will help keep you inspired while you're on your path to becoming a professional makeup artist:

  • Go online at least three times a week in order to look at various websites, blogs and social networks to find out what the current makeup application trends are. Pinterest is a great online resource because it allows you to see many of the current makeup application trends visually. There are also many makeup artistry blogs for which you can follow, just be sure to choose those that are considered to be an authority on the world of makeup.
  • You can set a Google alert for certain keywords and/or certain keyword phrases, like 'makeup artistry', or 'professional makeup jobs', or "celebrity makeup tips".
  • Fashion and celebrity magazines are still a great way for you to keep up with the latest makeup techniques.
  • Watching television and movies to see how various celebrities are wearing their makeup will help you keep current with the new, trendy makeup styles that so many celebrities are known for.