Top 8 Business and Social Media Tips for a Makeup Artist

Best Business Tips:

1. Because it's essential for you to set yourself apart from your competition, you're going to need to create your makeup brand so that it really stands out far from the rest. This includes all of the visual components, as well as how you represent yourself to others.

2. Although you'll want to let your makeup portfolio speak for you, it's important that you let your customers see the real you, too. Today's business world is highly focused on creating relationships, so that's exactly what you're going to need to do. If you're able to create great relationships with both past and future customers, then you have a great chance at being very successful in your makeup artistry business. They will remember you.

3. Only focus on using the best and most high quality makeup products, which shows your clients that it's important that you provide them with only the best makeup choices possible. Be sure to do some research first in order to determine which of the many top makeup brands you're interested in using on your clients. And of course, you can choose more than one makeup brand as there are so many!

4. Networking with others who work in the same niche as you do is a great idea. What better way for our students to grow and learn more about the exciting world of makeup artistry than to get together and discuss what's new and upcoming in the world of makeup.

Best Social Media Tips:

5. Choose between three and five Social Media platforms that you can start promoting you and your makeup artistry business on. Some of the most popular Social Media platforms people are using these days include Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you choose too many platforms, it will be hard for you to give your Social Media plan the attention it deserves, so be sure to keep this in mind.

6. Create a really great Social Media marketing plan, which is going to include aspects like your target audience and target location. It should also include a list of makeup related topics that you want to touch on, which of the many Social Media platforms you want to post this information on, as well as many and how often you'll be posting this important and educational makeup information.

7. Create short informational bits of content that directly relate to your vision as a professional makeup artist and post regularly, preferably on your own website. You can choose to focus on a particular area of makeup application, which will allow you to be seen as someone who really knows what they're talking about on any particular topic. Or you can choose to focus on makeup artistry in general, which will allow you to discuss anything that's currently going on and thus super exciting in the makeup world.

8. Because Instagram and Pinterest use images and pictures, these platforms are highly recommended to be used for those who attended an online makeup school. What better way for you to show everyone your professional makeup portfolio? And you can easily create a large number of different categories, which allows you to be very organized and thus be seen as someone who's an expert.