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Hi everyone! My name is Krystalee, I’m 33 years old and live in NYC. I truly want to thank the Online Makeup Academy for helping me become a professional in the field I love. For reference, I am an OMA graduate who has completed their Master Makeup Artist course. As someone who has received many PRO cards from all of my favorite brands after earning my certificate through OMA, I was asked to create a guest blog post to share my tips and tricks with all of you!

Today we’re going to discuss how I received my Makeup Pro discount cards. I’m excited to share these tips and tricks that I’ve found to successfully apply and receive PRO cards from several of the desired makeup companies (MAC, Nars, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown and more!).

First, I’m going to list a few items you must have before even applying to become a PRO member:

A. Your own professional website. This website must:

  • Include your professional work (portfolio), with at least 5 photos of your own makeup work.

  • is a great platform to create your website (see: for additional tips), and it’s free!

  • Make sure your website includes your name. (Mine says Krystalee Perez Certified Professional Makeup Artist).


B. Composite card:


C. Client contract no more than 6 months old:

  • When working with clients for professional artistry services, it is recommended to always have a contract. You can draft a professional contract and have your client sign before completing services. Make sure the contract includes: agreement of services, rate, date, you and your client’s names and signatures. A client contract is important to show that you are a working professional makeup artist (or if you are working in the editorial field, this will be a call sheet). This document also protects you and your client, and is always great to have!

D. Business card:

  • Design your professional business card; include your name, title, contact information (similar to the composite card above, but smaller with less imagery). You can order a very small amount of cards if you’re just starting. A card is always great to have for networking!

E. Makeup Certificate:

  • A certificate of completion from the makeup school you have attended, confirming you are a certified professional Makeup Artist.

F. Government Issued Photo ID

  • To document that it is really you applying for the PRO card!

Every document above should be saved as a PDF when submitting to the companies, always keep your application professionally formatted and easy to review.

Individual Brand Tips + Tricks (from experience in receiving my PRO cards!):

Mac Pro Membership: For me, this was actually one of the easiest to apply for. I chose to snapshot my website and send a copy of my OMA certification along with the 65.00 payment. Please see the snapshot below as an example:

Then within an hour or two I was notified that I had been accepted as a PRO member and I should receive my card in 3-4 weeks.

Bobbie Brown Pro: I filled out the application scanned it in an email and sent it with a copy of my ID and my composite card (you could also use a business card). Please see my composite card as an example above.

Nars Pro Member: I needed my professional website ( and a photo ID.

Urban Decay Pro: I sent in a photo of my composite card and my professional website.                         

For those who are wondering, I’ve applied to every makeup company and have been approved for most PRO cards with all the documents listed above. With all of the proper information showing proof that you are a certified professional Makeup Artist, qualified to work in the industry, receiving your PRO cards is guaranteed!


Another outside of the box tip: Don’t be afraid to send in your information with a small paragraph stating you want to promote their product and sometimes brands might take that into consideration, too Always provide your social media accounts - create a separate business makeup page.

My makeup Instagram:

I hope this has taken a bit of the mystery out of PRO card applications and has encouraged everyone reading that you too can receive your PRO cards from all of the brands you love as a Certified Professional Makeup Artist! Good luck to everyone!