Online Makeup Academy on The Doctors with Emily Jensen

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Makeup is empowerment; whether you are creating for yourself or your clients, you have the power to inspire and create an experience that can connect and even change the lives and outlook for others. Makeup artistry is one of the most expressive art forms; allowing you to be yourself and comfortable in your own skin, experiment, and find your own vision – providing a core outlet for self-expression.

At the Online Makeup Academy we live by this motto, with our goal to inspire and empower using makeup and makeup artistry as our tools; providing a professional education to students to not only guide their career paths and establishing goals by doing what they love and preparing them with the techniques to build upon their artistry, which will in turn inspire their clients, but also to empower themselves. Guiding a path towards truly fulfilling your dreams, with a support system that will cultivate your talents; translating your beauty from within for all to see and embrace.  

We were so excited when The Doctors show reached out wanting to collaborate with us and asked us to surprise one of their guests (the incredibly inspiring and talented Emily Jensen, check out and follow her YouTube channel: with our Master Makeup Artist course and kit – of course we said yes! We were even more thrilled to watch the inspiring segment when it aired and wanted to further carry on this conversation within our community.

Here’s just a few examples of how makeup and makeup artists can empower and inspire our generation:

Makeup and Makeup Artistry for yourself:

·         Self-expression

-          Finding your outlet – creating looks that truly express your identity and beauty that resonates from within.

-          Experimentation – no look is too “crazy” – being creative is an outlet to build confidence, skill, and technique.

·         Comfortable in your own skin

-          Feeling empowered and embracing your individuality (everyone is uniquely beautiful and shares their own individual story!) through self-expression, as above, will lead you to feeling comfortable and empowered in your own skin – remember, you always have the power to build your life in the way that you envision it!

-          Building relationships and connecting – sharing your self-expression in Makeup Artistry online (through your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or other social media networks – even our own Online Makeup Academy groups and communities!) provides an unprecedented platform where you can fully showcase your talents and individual expression, and in turn, inspire others to do the same. Finding “your tribe” and the groups that share your same passions and feelings can help to build lifelong friendships and a network of continued support that you can always turn to for confidence and self-esteem.

Makeup Artist profession:

·         Fulfilling your client’s vision/dreams

-          As a professional Makeup Artist you have a unique opportunity to provide your clients with the tools to help fulfill their own dreams. Makeup Artistry is a relationship driven job, and you will be fulfilling so many clients’ visions; always listen with an open mind, be available to them beyond offering your services, and allow them to express their own artistic expression and inner confidence through your artistry.

·         Fulfilling your own dreams

-          Your passion for creating beauty and sharing it with the world, and with your clients, is a dream of all professional Makeup Artists. Always strive to fulfill your own goals and dreams; network, build your community and clientele, and share your vision and voice. When you are working towards your goals and passions on a professional level, you will never feel that you are working a day in your life!

·         Inspiring others

-          Your friends, family, and community will notice your passion and drive; your artistry and dedication to building your craft is sure to inspire others to follow to fulfill their own dreams.

Makeup and makeup artistry is truly a community driven career, you will encounter so much inspiration as you pave your own path, and will in turn inspire others to follow in your footsteps of achieving their own goals and dreams! You will consistently work with a team of people that will either be your clients, friends, or inspirational creative outlets – together, through makeup, this support system of likeminded individuals will serve as the greatest empowerment throughout your life, artistry, and career!