Top 5 Summer Beauty Trends

For most of us summer is in full swing and we are getting ready to leave work, head to summer events, vacations or holidays! As the temperature rises so does the pressure to do our normal beauty and hair routines. Here are a few simple current beauty trends to cut time during those hot summer days, yet still look effortlessly gorgeous.

Long Whisper Lashes

Long “Whisper” Lashes are all the rage these days and really easy to achieve! Lash extensions can be individually put in by your lash provider. The process takes about one hour and a half and can run up to 75 dollars for the initial session. After, you just need to maintain refills every two to three weeks. The best part about lash extensions is you don't need to apply mascara daily. All you need is a small lash brush to curl them upwards to achieve an amazing natural lasting lash look.

Red bitten Lips

On days when you feel like you have no energy or it's too warm to do a full face of makeup, it's best to keep it simple and rely on one accentuation. There are so many amazing shades of red lipstick, glosses, and balms out right now. The easy going way to achieve just bitten summer lips is to first moisturize your lips with a clear colorless balm, then apply the lip stain or color and smudge with your fingers or lips. This look is amazing for day or night.

Faux Freckles

Some of us are blessed with natural sun spots and cute freckles, some of us are not! If you desire to achieve that freckled sun kissed look, don’t worry, there is a way to ‘cheat’ this often admired look. Makeup Artists have been doing this trick for ages; what you'll need is a small fine brush, brown liquid eyeliner with a fine pen end, and/or a brown toned eyebrow gel pot. Begin with your foundation/moisturizer/powder base, and then individually draw on each small freckle with love. The best area to keep your freckles in for a natural desired look is over your cheeks and nose in one band. Using inspirational photos as reference are really helpful. After you are finished use a finishing powder that is translucent and apply a bit of bronzer powder for a more sun-kissed look.

Natural Curls

Yearlong we apply heat on our hair, day in and day out putting extra stress on our locks. During the summer heat we simply should try to use what has naturally been given to us giving our hair also a much needed vacation! For those of us with curly hair, achieving the perfect curl can still be excruciating! Start by using a deep conditioner on your locks leaving it in for an afternoon relaxing around the house. Towel dry. Then, depending on your hair type apply a light serum or curl crème and let air dry. The important part is to not touch your curls until they are dry! If you do not have curly hair, do not fear, there are ways to also achieve this look! After towel drying, brush your wet hair gently. Then, split hair in the middle, apply serum or curly crème and section your hair off into two braids. Leave in until dry. After dry, use your hands to undo and “mess” the braids, apply sea salt spray and a small bit of hairspray for a finish. Voila!

Crazy Brows

Ever seen someone with such a perfect pair of brows it drove you crazy? For the last year messy, thick brows have been all the rage. Even though they may look “undone”, there is normally a small amount of work behind your favorite pair of messy brows. Waxing with your brow professional is a great way to achieve the perfect shape for your brows. You may also want to consider an old Middle Eastern technique way of brow keeping called threading. The pulling of the skin in waxing can cause later wrinkles, so this technique is best for those that are 30 and older! Threading is a great alternative to waxing. To top off your messy brow look, you may want to also ask your technician for a skin/brow tint. A skin/brow tint provides a little more brow drama by adding color and volume underneath your brows. You can also cheat the darkness by using a darker shade of brow gel and a fine cornered brush.

The most important summer trend of all is to unwind and enjoy the sun! Use sunscreen and drink lots of water and you will glow from the inside out! Happy summer everyone!