Five Reasons to Become a Makeup Artist


We are in love with the beauty industry! The question is why? For most, the beauty industry is a chance to be creative (and share your creativity with others), build a sense of community, and create a dream job that is just perfect for you as an individual.

It doesn’t matter whether you understand all the makeup trends and constantly look through fashion magazines, or even if you are very far from this sphere, but just happen to love art and people (the beauty industry is a career that is focused on customer service! The goal is to make your client happy). Thinking of taking the leap of faith and have made the decision that it is time to try something new (something that you love, and work towards fulfilling your goals and dreams!) because the art of makeup is boundless with endless opportunity in this field. Here are five good reasons for taking that step and deciding to pursue your makeup career right now:


• Communication with people

Working as a Makeup Artist will always provide you with the opportunity to build your network, learn from others, and communicate with a variety of people. Every day you will meet with photographers and models, personal clients, and perhaps most importantly with fellow makeup artists. Your clients will most likely be entirely from another world, and among them you will meet people from all walks of life and industries! This is a very special opportunity to “get to know the world” without traveling too far!

 Our Master Makeup Artist instructor, Paulina says:

 “I love that I can enhance the natural beauty in everyone. I also love that I get to meet new people, see new places and be a part of someone's special day”

• Creation

The makeup world is not only about contouring, highlight, and those fashionable trends - the scope of makeup artistry is endless! You can choose any direction: specializing in weddings/bridal/special occasion (is always a freelancer’s favorite!), working in the salon (be sure to read our ‘MUA Licensing’ info!), create editorial images for glossy magazines or do makeup for a photo shoot, or even for television. There is a new opportunity for you to choose to pursue everyday. Makeup in its purest form, allows you to express yourself as an artist, and each of your models are the canvas. You have the opportunity to create with your own hands, not based on trends, but on the goal of the project as you see fit through your artistic eye, choosing your own color solutions and makeup composition. Doesn't that creative freedom appeal to you?

• Continuous development

We as Makeup Artists should never feel bored, as we do not live a routine life. Each season brings new trends, and the history of makeup covers centuries of research and study, as we boldly use history as inspiration to create new traditions. As soon as boredom appears in the makeup world, you can always expand your palette by learning something new. Makeup master classes and continued education should always awaken your passion and force you to experiment with your work.

 • Free schedule

A freelancer’s life will allow you to set your own schedule - you get to decide when or how many clients you will take on, your work hours, and location. You do not have to wait for holidays all year and wait for the weekend, working out in the office from Monday to Friday. In our world, a great responsibility will be focusing on your schedule; sometimes it will be very busy, but your workload will always be your choice.

 • Good wage

You will be worth as much as you value your work! Of course, your portfolio will tell all about your experience, but no one will force you to work for a low salary. If you network properly and communicate your business with potential clients, you will not have to sit without work either, because services for applying high-quality makeup are always necessary. You can take an active part in fashion shows, photo shoots, the work of various fashion magazines, private clients, bridal parties, special occasions, and more. 


Our instructor Paulina adds:

“I think the advantages of being a freelance Makeup Artist is being your own boss. You can take off for vacation when you want because you are flexible. You choose what jobs you take and how many hours you work. You also get to make your own prices and work for you! It is the best feeling to really be your own boss”


Each Makeup Artist will be able to name ten more advantages of our profession, because they only come to the world of beauty because of their heart, passion, and desire to create beauty all around.  What are you waiting for? Take the next steps into your dream career, and always start with your professional education!