Makeup artist image: whim or necessity?


A Makeup Artist is not just an expert at their profession and communicator to their clients - first and foremost they are a creative person and artist themselves. You are the creator of beauty, and your face is your business card, so take care not only of your client, but also of yourself.

First of all, it is of course the professional knowledge that is important and will serve as the foundation to your artistic expression, but do not forget about the appearance, the art of communication, and the ability to present yourself - present yourself strongly and with confidence that you are a high-class professional and your client is in good hands.

We believe that the success of a Makeup Artist in addition to their professional skills is made up of their presentation and ability to communicate directly with their clients.

Let’s begin with the presentation of yourself and how you will appear when working with your clients: you can express yourself as you wish in your free time; however if the client came to you, be sure to also respect their own opinion and taste.

  • Your professional clothing selection when on the job should not only be stylish and show that you have your own individual taste - but most importantly will need to remain professional. Dark and neutral colors are always recommended, along with clean and minimal lines. It is not a runway show, but rather you will be creating for the client - maintain professional at all times, and the main goal is for you to always look professional, clean, and well maintained (if you take care of yourself, the client will feel this energy and know you will also take good care of them!)

  • Cleanliness is a companion of any employee who works in the beauty industry! The appearance of a specialist should be neat and at the same time stylish and modern.

  • Work shoes must meet two criteria: be clean and comfortable. Heels are not recommended. Flats and comfortable (yet professional shoes) are always preferred, as you will be on your feet for a long period of time catering to your client’s needs.

Remember, your profession is all about building relationships - if people find a Makeup Artist who connects with them and is to their own style and liking, then the client will always return to you, and give you glowing recommendations to their community network as well. As an example, here is a perfect client relationship recommendation from our Online Makeup Academy instructor (you can also see the examples of our working process here).

  • The main tool of a Makeup Artist is their hands, therefore the approach to this part of the body should always be well thought out when working. Your nails should be well manicured, with minimal application - preferably clear or light in color. Keep your hands clean and moisturized, as your client will be “up close and personal” with your hands specifically and it is of utmost importance to provide a hygienic presentation. Keep hand sanitizer (always wash your hands before, after, and in between a makeup application! This is crucial!) as well as a hand cream with a light and fresh (not fragrant) scent.

  • Smell is also crucial when you work so closely with your clients. However, a very fragrant or floral smell is discouraged (do not use perfume, but rather only clean and fresh scents). Many people are allergic to different scents and can be sensitive if you have a fragrant perfume; try to remain fresh and simple, as remember, your customers are not obliged to share your preferences of scents. Keep mints or a mouth freshener spray on hand (not gum) as your breath should always remain fresh. This will make it easier for you to communicate.

  • Keep your hair minimal and pulled back. Even if you have luxurious long hair, the client does not want it in their face. Hair should be clean and not fall on the face. If you have long hair, it should be neatly (and stylishly) pulled back so that your hairstyle does not interfere with work. We recommend braiding your hair and removing it from your face.

    While it is important to prepare your best presentation, it is equally ideal to remain natural. Your makeup should be natural and not be obvious. The best choice is a soft and natural style, which implies a minimum of cosmetics (but always make the extra effort in grooming and apply the usual cosmetics for a great presentation). The client should feel comfortable, and if your makeup is better and brighter than their requests, then the person may become embarrassed and doubt you as a professional. Overall, this will be a decision you will make dependent on each client and the job at hand - it is important for the Makeup Artist to ensure that the client is satisfied and feels great.

The manner of communication

It's very important to always maintain positive client/artist relationships, and follow proper ethics for a makeup artist:

If you are receiving a client in your studio space, and the client arrives to your appointment early but are not yet ready to receive them, tell the client how long to wait and offer a drink (sparkling and still water is always great to have on hand, as well as coffee and tea, it's a small gesture that makes all the difference!)
Establish a relationship of trust with the client: communicaton is key, find out what makeup the client wants, determine the condition of the skin and the necessary care products. Listen carefully. Your ultimate goal is to make the client happy.

  • Always address your client by name; this adds a personal touch and will let the client know you care about them.

  • If your client is not in the mood to talk, don’t impose a conversation, you can simply comment on your actions during the appplication.

  • If the client decides to share personal problems with you, treat it with understanding, but do not give advice.

  • During makeup application is a very personal process, try to keep a comfortable distance. Too close to the client can cause discomfort.

  • After you finish the makeup, you can always provide some tips on how to apply these techniques at home.

  • Before the client leaves, make sure that they are completely satisfied. After the first visit, you can offer a business card!

To become a true professional, of course, written advice is not enough. Interested in learning more? You can continue your professional education with an Online Makeup Academy course, where our instructors will tell you about all the intricacies of the work of the Makeup Artist in detail.

Perfect Your Makeup Kit


As you begin your career in professional makeup artistry, the main questions you will likely have as a beginning Makeup Artist is how to build the perfect kit, and what makeup products should be included in it! We know that working without tools is impossible, but there is also no one "right" answer in what your makeup kit should look like. Of course there are the basic products that should always be included - but the brands, colors, types, and additional items, is what will make you as an artist unique! As you grow as an artist, your makeup kit will also grow - as you develop your own style and client base, you will notice the products that are the "perfect items" for your own makeup kit.

For now, as you are just beginning - remember that your makeup kit is a magic wand, without which no transformation will succeed. Therefore, if you decide to embark on the path of a Makeup Artist, be patient: the perfect products for your kit is not an easy process, and will include trial and error (though we think testing out new products is part of the fun!) With that said, we have prepared a guideline for the basic items in your beginning makeup kit:

Any makeup begins with cleansing the skin and preparing it for the subsequent application of products. With cleansing, keep everything simple - it is important to choose the medium that suits all skin types. Micellar water is a must have, and a gentle makeup remover is also a great product to have on hand. As well as a moisturizer - you may want to invest in a higher moisture product as well as an oil-free moisturizer product for both your clients with dry and oily skin. Your clients also will likely bring their own skincare preparation products (this is also highly encouraged!) that they prefer to use.


Selecting your base foundations: this selection is likely the part that you fear the most - but do not worry, it is easily solved! You do not have to buy 12 jars of foundation: otherwise, just imagine how heavy your makeup kit will be! You can consider only four shades (lightest and darkest) of your choice, as well as a white and yellow color adjuster - this will allow you to achieve perfect shades for all skintones.

Concealer: Follow the same guidelines as the foundation - a selection of lightest and darkest shades, which you will also be able to use for cream contour and highlight!

Powder: A translucent loose powder is ideal as it has a universal tone and adapts to any skin tone.

Blush: Each client is an individual with different color needs and requests - a blush palette with lighter and darker neutral shades is ideal.

Contour + highlight: A contour + highlight palette will be very helpful. You may want to pick up two, one with lighter toned contour/highlight and another with the darkest complexions, depending on the clients you plan to work with.

Eyeliner: Invest in neutral (black and brown) colors - the eyeliner can include your application of choice; pencil, gel, or liquid. You may want to consider a few different application techniques, to see what you are most comfortable with using (and in different settings they will require different products and methods of application!)

First, begin with a palette of neutral shades (especially if you will be focusing on special occasion and bridal makeup!), as well as client work. Most clients will want neutral makeup. After you have started your professional education, you can begin to invest in additional creative color palettes that catch your eye for your artistry.

Mascara: a classic black mascara will be your lifelong partner!

For the preparation of lips, invest in a lip balm to moisturize the lips pre-application.

Consider a lip palette, as similar to the blush palette - clients will request different shades, and a palette allows you to mix to also create your ideal color!

Do not forget about your essential tools:
Brush set - invest in a brush set (or two) which will include application for foundation, powder, eyeshadow, and lips.

Disposable products: It is essential (to remain sanitary) that you always have disposable tools on hand, these include:
Mascara wands + spoolies
Lip wands

in addition to:
70% isopropyl alcohol (for sanitizing your workspace and tools)
sanitizing wipes
Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist / Brush Cleaner

It all adds up quickly, but it is important not to skimp on your kit, even as a beginner. While you do not need to invest in the most expensive brands, it is also important to not select the least expensive brands either - middle range professional brands are key to a professional's appearance!
Still feel overwhelmed? That is why we have created a beginning makeup kit complimentary for our Master Makeup Artist course students - hand selected by our industry professional educators, this kit will kickstart your education and career!

Our makeup kit includes some of our favorite brand name products (Make Up For Ever, Smashbox, Inglot, and more!) for you to experiment with and build upon, read the current list below (but we are always updating and improving, and if we find another product that we love - we will upgrade the kit and include it for you!):


- MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD LIQUID FOUNDATION x 4 (retail value of $172)
- MAKE UP FOR EVER EXCESSIVE LASH Arresting Volume Mascara (retail value of $25)
- MAKE UP FOR EVER STEP1 SKIN EQUALIZER (retail value of $37)
- INGLOT High Gloss Lip Oil (retail value of $18)
- INGLOT Makeup Brush 31T (retail value of $15)
- INGLOT AMC EYELINER GEL 77 (retail value of $17)
- INGLOT DURALINE (retail value of $14)
- SMASHBOX EYESHADOW Full Exposure Palette (retail value of $52)
- SMASHBOX Cover Shot: Eye Palette (retail value of $29)
- MEHRON SYNWAX (retail value of $10)
- PRO-LINE BLUSH PALETTE (retail value of $15)
- PRO-LINE Contour Blush Highlight Palette (retail value of $15)
- False Eyelashes (retail value of $12)
- GLITTER (retail value of $25)
- STRASS (retail value of $25)
- 22-PIECE SET: Professional Makeup Brush Set (retail value of $35)
- METAL PLATE WITH SPATULA (retail value of $10)

For those who are just starting their way into the world of makeup, it is important to start it with the right tools. We are always open to our students: write to us and we will figure out how to help you find the perfect products for your individual makeup kit!

Investing In Your Future: 5 Ways To Pay For Your Makeup Artist Course

Investing In Your Future 5 Ways To Pay For Your Makeup Artist Course.jpg

We know that money can be an issue when you are first starting out - but from our team of industry professional Makeup Artist’s personal experience, your investment towards your future will be the best investment that you have ever made - providing stepping stones for increased revenue for yourself, achieving your career goals, and inspiring others around you. 

You’ve taken the first step and made the important commitment to your professional education in the beauty industry and moving forward towards the path to career success. Now what?!

Below, find our 5 best tips (from both our industry team and graduates!) in finding a way to pay (+ pay off quickly!) for your beauty industry course: 

  1. Payment Plans

We’ve created easy automatic payment plan options through our PayPal partner to offer to our US based students who need some extra time to budget their course. The payment plans do not require a credit check, all US based students are eligible, and are set up to automatically debit so you don’t have to worry! 

You can see the payment plan options for each course (first payment is due upon enrollment): 

Benefits of the OMA payment plan:

  • Flexible payment schedule (automatically debits every 30 days until paid in full).

  • Longer time to pay (3-4 installments, depending on the course).

  • No credit check. The payment plan is not a credit card

  • No approval process - you automatically qualify if you are a US based student.

  • No interest .

  • Your kit (if the course includes it) is prepared for shipment with the first payment.

  • You receive course access and can begin right away with the first payment.

  • You can pay off early, at anytime - or wait until the plan has finished to receive your certificate (once course is completed).  

2. Credit Card, PayPal Credit for Tuition Assistance 

While we don’t accept financial aid or federal grants, you can apply for a zero interest or low interest credit card, which will allow you the opportunity to break up your payments in installments that are most convenient for you. These options are out of network (not through the Online Makeup Academy), but are flexible forms of payments that we also accept. 

Through our PayPal partner, we also accept PayPal credit as an option to pay for your courses.

Benefits of PayPal credit:

  • Apply directly through PayPal - find out if you are instantly approved.

  • Apply your credit to the course payment on checkout (using PayPal credit as the payment option). 

  • If approved, PayPal credit offers 6 months no interest! Break your payment into 6 months and pay zero interest when paid in full by the 6th month (contact PayPal directly for additional details) 

All other major credit cards:

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), so if you have a low interest or zero interest credit card promotional offer - consider applying and using it to pay for your course!    

3. Side Gig

As aspiring artists, we all know and understand the hustle! Sometimes in order to achieve our goals, we need to work just a little bit harder to get there - but in the end, it pays off! Consider taking on a side gig (and maybe even putting your creativity to good use!) by thinking outside of the box with other opportunities to make some extra cash to add to the “Makeup School fund”. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to enroll! 

Ideas and options to earn extra funds for makeup school: 

  • Do you have a special skill? Offer your services! Network, search online for open opportunities (depending on the skill - you can find gigs through Craigslist, or local advertisements, or advertise your own services for free [read more below]!). 

  • Showcase your skills online - and are excellent platforms to start. People who are looking for specific skills search these platforms to hire other creatives. Whether your skill is in editing, writing, selling, graphic design, illustration, blogging, etc. - the opportunities are endless and you decide your own rate! 

  • If your skill is creating more tangible pieces to sell - consider creating your own store on - people love handmade art and design, and this is a great way to not only build your creative portfolio and connect with customers, but make extra cash as well! 

  • Do you have clothes/shoes/jewelry that you don’t wear? Consider selling them! Depending on the brands (vintage is super popular especially!) you can sell your pieces yourself on sites like,, (this would be the place for vintage!), - or sell to local stores such as Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, or online at

  • You can also sell your household items that you no longer use, try Craigslist! Everyone is always looking for something. Remember that saying “one man’s trash is another’s treasure!”. 

  • Take on a part-time job! In many places you can gain some “on the job” experience as you work towards your beauty industry career. Think of places you would love to work (why not also make it an inspiring experience?!), go to the employer, and see what their requirements are - while you may not be able to work at a makeup counter until you earn your credentials (all places will have different requirements! It is important to ask - as you never know!) - you could start in a different department (fragrances or accessories would be a great opportunity at your favorite mall department store) - and work alongside the beauty brands that inspire you. Getting your foot in the door and establishing your network from the start, and earning the extra cash to bring your major goals to fruition! 

4. Business Partner / Angel Investor

Do you have a family member, partner, or best friend that loves your creativity and is inspired by you? Don’t be afraid to ask around to see if your main supporters are interested in becoming your partner(s) [yes, why not find more than one?!]! As they will be investing in your career (and essentially becoming a partner in your business - whether they are looking to have this as temporary [repayment] or permanent [you build your business together!], make sure you have clear terms and a contract for repayment (or the agreement and expectations you have decided on).

Another way of approaching your supporters who are committed to your career goals and have essentially invested in you, is also offering your services as part of the payback “perks”. You will be needing to complete your assignments (which means applying the makeup looks that you have learned and practicing on others!), so what better way to have those who believe the most in your skills receive the benefits of their support?! 

You can offer your services for free and/or complementary certificates (or discounted certificates) for makeup application to those who have invested in your career and allowed you the option to pursue your professional education! It’s the best of both worlds - for you and them! 

5. Save 

Always the simplest option (but sometimes we just don’t think it is possible when life’s expenses get in the way!). Trust us, saving is absolutely possible - you just need to set a budget, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to paying your courses in full with your added savings (and making extra money as you launch your professional career!). 

  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses (eating out, the extra drinks, coffees, teas, etc!) you would be surprised how quickly it adds up. Set what you would have paid for these items aside into your “makeup school fund” and we bet you’ll have the cash to start sooner than later! 

  • Budget to figure out based on your paycheck what you could afford to “save” (even if it is a few dollars each paycheck, it adds up!). Commit to this - you will feel great once that savings has turned into your ability to pay for the course, and this small investment will provide the opportunity to receive payback for your commitment, ten fold! 

We know that you probably want to start as quickly as possible, so saving sounds like the last resort option - but we know you won’t be disappointed. If you commit to your career, the time will pass quicker than expected and before you know it you’ll be able to begin! Not to worry - we aren’t going anywhere, and we will be here waiting for you when you are ready to begin!

Now that you’ve read our 5 top tip suggestions (provided to us by our team and graduates!) read further for a personal graduate case-study, on how they were able to make the investment in their career, and the almost immediate pay-off: 

“I was so happy to have found OMA - and after doing my research, decided it was everything I needed to begin my career. I knew I needed an online school with flexible scheduling, and most importantly, industry artists who could provide the mentorship and confidence to build my business and work with clients professionally. The only problem? Money. I did not have the money to join the Master Makeup Artist course, and even with the payment plan option, it wasn’t something I could afford outright. I really wanted to begin now (I’m not patient, when I put my mind to something I want to get it done!) - so I asked around to those who have always told me “your makeup is amazing, you should really be a makeup artist!”. 

What could they say?! I thought the worse they could tell me was “no” (and trust me, several friends were in the same position as me and could only offer their support!), but I found a few family members and close friends who came together in my support, and I was able to essentially set up an extended “payment plan” with them - as they provided the initial investment to enroll. 

Their perks? They got to be my model as I worked on my professional portfolio - and because I already had my portfolio and website complete after graduation, I was instantly ready to take on paying clients after earning my certificate! In just a few months (and 5 clients later), I had already paid off half of the investment to my partners. Within the year, I was able to secure another 8 clients which not only paid off the remaining course cost to those who invested in my education, but provided a small savings of my own (newly created) business account. 

If I never stepped outside of my comfort zone, I would have never known the support within my community - and now I am known as the “go-to” Makeup Artist for all events! So grateful for their support and taking a leap of faith in my education and business.” - Jessica, OMA Graduate 2018 + Master Makeup Artist 

As you can see based on the case study above and real-life experiences on financing beauty school, when there is a will, there is always a way! Consider taking the next steps towards your professional career by committing to your investment, and you will be equally rewarded. We will always be here for you every step of the way!



No one will identify you as a professional if you do not communicate it! These are words to live by as you build your business - be confident, strong, and determined to spread the word of your talents and artistry.

Social media is one of the most important tools for networking and building your business as a Makeup Artist. Instagram especially is an ideal visual tool for a Makeup Artist to have not only their portfolio with the best work (and a direct link in the bio to direct them to more information on your website!), but also your own business page can provide the opportunity for clients and potential clients to see your inspirations, the makeup products that you use, and how you specifically work (behind the scenes images are always intriguing!) so the client can learn what to expect, and in turn book you for their makeup application needs.

Social media has also uncovered a new aspect to the makeup game - ‘influencing’. Several years ago it was difficult to become ‘famous’ in the makeup world if you didn’t know the right people (and usually this would require you to live in a major metropolitan city - such as New York or Los Angeles). It took a lot of energy to find your place, your clients, and even your style. Now with social media, the tides have turned; competition is high but we are also flooded with so many amazing opportunities (and a larger sense of community!) as Makeup Artists.


Let’s list two basic advantages you can achieve by creating a business identity on the internet for your makeup work (both through social media and a professional website):

  • Increased network of clients

  • Inspiration and like minded community of artists

 You can find your audience through different social media platforms, and sometimes even through local groups, but Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms all over the world. We highly encourage you to start with them (and if you’d like also venture into YouTube) Did you know that the total number of monthly active Instagram users last year achieved 1 billion?! The total number of daily active users is more than 500 million and more than 400 million use Instagram stories - these are free marketing tools to get your work to an unlimited amount of people interested in your field! Social networks are play a huge role in people's lives (and in turn in businesses/marketing): we get news from there, share impressions, find services - and have developed a trust found within the community that we establish through our social networks, where most people are willingly looking for inspiration, advice, purchases, etc.

If you haven’t started a page with your makeup work yet, we advise you to start right now (it’s never too early to begin! Even while you are still learning, social media platforms can provide you with a necessary outlet for experimentation - you can gain valuable feedback and see what works for your target audience). Read below top tips on how to begin your own social media platform and promote your artistry with the biggest marketing tool worldwide - social networks:

  • Share your work - network! This is the only way a potential client will find you and know about you. It is important to develop content; such as sharing signature techniques, experimental work, other client work, inspirational images (but always credit the original artist if you are not sharing your own work). Sharing photos of your process and artistry will highlight that you are a professional in your field, constantly learning new things and are not limited to the usual framework.

  • Give professional advice - share your knowledge with others! Have you educated yourself on the newest techniques, products, applications, etc? Don’t be afraid to spread the love of education to others. This will increase loyalty and solidify a strong following. A potential client who may have doubts will know that you will share honestly your professional education and knowledge as your goal is to provide assistance to others at all times. Part of the reason why others look for professionals is trust and communication - Makeup Artistry is a client service oriented profession!

  • Transformation - Don’t be afraid to share your creative process and development! Do you love experimentation (on yourself or collaborating with models/photographers? Add before / after photos so that people understand that transformation is the result of your art, fantasy and skill.

  • Develop a dialogue - ask your customers to share their impressions of your work with friends and subscribers. Share your impressions of your work with different clients in accordance with their wishes. Be open to constructive criticism and feedback as well, as this will help you grow as an artist and business.

If you haven’t yet established your social media business accounts, and you don’t know where to begin, read below to start! Every account will start with trial and error, but learn from our ‘mistakes’ to create the best accounts for you and your artistry now:       

  • Create your own unique style! When a new visitor enters your page - the goal is to create a purpose for them to follow/subscribe. Much of this will depend on how you present your artistry and your layout and appearance of the business profile: what is the general mood, color palette, do you combine photos, organized by type? Think of the purpose and professional layout you want to present to your audience.

( An example can be found on our page for color palette/brand identity)

  • To start, do the preparatory work! Look through your favorite accounts that you already follow, and use that as a tool to then search for additional accounts which inspire you. Never be afraid to seek out competitors' accounts - What do you like? What works for them? Think about what you want from this and how you can make it your own unique identity? This is important market research as you build your business.

How to create your own visual identity for your brand and business:

  • The easiest and most popular way to make your account stylish is to publish photos in the same color scheme. Repeat the same color in different ways: using filters, objects of this color, background. Here are some popular applications with filters to get you started (you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create your own custom filter, try to find an application that works for you and helps to establish your own unique brand identity - make adjustments to pre-set filters so it is your own!):

    –  VSCO Cam

    – A Color Story

    – Afterlight

    – Lightroom

  • Visualize the order in which to upload photos (the overall layout of your page as you post), use special applications that will help you plan your publications: Planoly and Preview are great tools.

  • Do not post only ads, create a harmonious profile - one that includes both your work and inspirational work. Do not forget about your style, make it so that customers are interested upon first glance and remain interested. With this approach, your content will help those who follow you learn more about you and your work as you continue to grow with them.

  • Remain active and engage with your followers - it is important to consistently provide content and constantly maintain communication with your subscribers. It’s not only about establishing promotional tools and a competitive edge, but really about authentically interacting with those who follow your work.

(Some inspirational and helpful posts by our founder, Nina Mua)

  • Use hashtags - this is essential as it will be easier for your customers to find you, and you will avoid unnecessary subscribers. Hashtags are the best free way to recruit new subscribers. You come up with your own unique hashtag and always use it so that it will be remembered by subscribers. To make the account more interesting, create headings and mark them with the corresponding hashtags. Make sure to only list hashtags that are applicable to your content and posts - and it is always best to list continuous hashtags in the comment of the posts.

  • Use Geotags - subscribers who are interested in this section will easily be able to view all posts on this topic. A geotag (location setting) will make you more recognizable in a particular region, put the locations of those places where your customers live/travel, which will in turn generate new client leads.

  • Add more video content! According to audience research, users spend more and more time on video content and for good reason. Create interesting, memorable, and short content (15-30 seconds is a great sweet spot, but Instagram will only let you share up to 1 minute!), this is a great way to verbally share tips, and show the process of work.

(A behind the scenes of ‘a day in the life’ at Nina Mua Makeup Academy, our physical location)

  • Quality over quantity. We tend to automatically think that the more jobs in your online portfolio, the better. This is not necessarily true. While you do need to maintain active on your social networks and continuously produce content, it is important that the content showcases your work in the best light. Quality is everything! All of the work that you share on a worldwide platform (your social channels) - must be performed professionally. Don’t get us wrong - you can absolutely be authentic and honest and share mistakes with your audience, as they are an integral part of the process (practice always makes perfect!), but be mindful in how you present your work and yourself at all times.


Once you’ve established your business channels, it will forever be changing and growing with you! Don’t be afraid to continuously learn. Social networks are a huge space for sharing experiences, finding colleagues, looking through the best work of makeup artists: get inspired and repeat!

Do not pass off other people's work for your own, but take ideas and improve them. At the same time, inspire your subscribers to change and be beautiful.

Together with these modern day opportunities is also huge responsibility - the more you work on building your business, the more people will know about you, the more job offers and collaborative opportunities will come! Everything is about continuous dedication - to your marketing efforts as a business, but also do not forget about the work and experience you must build in person as a professional Makeup Artist. Through practice and these modern day tools, you are guaranteed to grow and achieve new heights as you work to fulfill your dreams and goals and establish your business!