When you’re just starting your career as a makeup artist it may take you more time to finish a makeup look than if you are a skilled professional with several years of experience. This is pretty normal, as with practice you will manage to eventually create the same look in a shorter period of time and figure out ways to increase your productivity, which will quickly become your signature tricks. 

Sometimes you may need to speed up your makeup application for a client depending on the project and time restrictions; imagine the situation when your client has only 30-40 min for her makeup to be complete and she wants the same full glam look she gets from you every time with a perfect application and blending! Or maybe you have booked a bridal party of 6-8 bridesmaids who need to be ready in 5 hours. All of them! What can you do?

You have to find ways that will make your work faster, more efficient, and most importantly without sacrificing the quality. Here are a few professional and time saving tricks to help guide you and make your work more practical as you take on more clients throughout your career:

1.          Remember that if you always have everything from your kit in the same order every time you’re doing a client’s makeup it will make it easier to find a certain brush, pencil, or any other product! Organization is a huge time saver.

  • It is very convenient to have all groups of products in one plastic bag (they are sold online or as a part of a makeup case/bag). Eye shadows in one bag, bronzers, blushes, highlighters, liquid lipsticks, etc. Brushes can be conveniently placed in the brush case in a certain order that you prefer (from first application to last is a great tip!)

2.          To save time for your client to choose a product color/type (lipstick, blushes, foundations, contour, eyeshadow, etc!):

  • Depot all of your products into a palette. They are sold by different companies ( is a favorite of ours!) and you can choose the one that will work best for you. A client that sees all of the available product colors/types at once will make a decision much faster than when you have to open every individual lipstick or other products separately.

3.          Doing eye liner on a client can sometimes be the most difficult process in makeup application, even for skilled makeup artists. Find the easiest and fastest way of doing it, for you and your individual application process and technique. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a gel or liquid eye liner:

  • Eye pencils sometimes are easier and faster to apply. Even when you apply it not so evenly the first time, you can go over it with a flat synthetic brush afterwards making the line smooth and maybe even a bit smoked out. Just drag the brush with the rest of the product left on it outwards prolonging the line and you will get a nice soft wing. Perfect eye liners made with gel or liquid products are really time-consuming and need practice – therefore this trick can really save you and your precious time!

4.          If the look your client is going for is still a sharp and edgy eye liner:

  • Use tape to perfect your angles for the perfect line. Just remember to stick it couple of times on your arm to reduce the tackiness (they also make cosmetic / styling tape - which we highly recommend over traditional tape!), then attach it at the right angle kind of prolonging the lower lash line outwards and it will be much easier for you to draw a perfect wing without taking a lot of extra time for perfection when applied completely freehand. After you’re done remove the tape and apply concealer if the tape budged some of your previous application.

5.          If your client is looking for a smokey eye but you are short on time:

  • Use cream eye shadow. You can take a soft brown color or even a color with shimmer to it and apply all over the lid, blend the edges with a synthetic brush, maybe apply a tiny bit of lighter eye shadow onto the center of the eye lid to add dimension, highlight the brow bone and inner corner, and your smokey eyes are done! It will definitely take much less time than to create smokey eyes by blending all these eye shadows in the crease creating a definition and ombré effect, and achieves a very similar application when complete.

6.          Applying mascara onto the natural lashes after false lashes are applied will save you time as well.

  • You will skip the step where you apply mascara first and then apply falsies. Second, after you applied falsies you need to press natural lashes into them to make your lashes more natural looking. This way, if you apply mascara after the falsies are on you will save time twice.

7.          If for any reason you have to go darker with eye makeup and you have already finished the look:

  • To save it from eye shadow fall out use Shadow Shields. Using a tissue in this case and press it every time you apply darker eye shadow will be very inconvenient and time consuming. Also, these shields can be used as a tape for the perfect wing we were discussing about above.

8.          If your client wants a look with glitter:

  • Do not apply loose glitter as it will be all over the client’s face and it will require additional time to clean any fall out. Instead, use a pressed glitter or a glitter in a tube (like a glitter eye liner). They will apply perfectly onto the eye lid without any fall out and will stay all day and night!

9.          Good light will save you a lot of time as you will see how you apply and blend products onto a client’s face right away, without the need to ask her to come “into the light” for you to see if everything looks good.

  • The top time saving tip? Invest in a good (and portable) lighting system. Especially if you work on site and do not know what the light will be in every job that you will have.

10.      Also working in a more comfortable position means that you will save energy and will be working faster than if you would need to bend all the time to the client’s face, you will soon get tired and even exhausted, your back will hurt, your hands may get shaky and makeup application can turn into something really hard to accomplish.

  • Get yourself a makeup chair (we actually recommend portable chairs from Ikea or other stores as they will be more comfortable and sturdier than a traditional director’s style chair). When a client’s face is on the level of your face it will make your work more pleasant and thus much faster (and you will feel so much better at the end of the day!). Always remember to take care of yourself, too!


Top Makeup Misconceptions

OMA STORIES - Makeup Misconceptions.jpg

We are always hearing about new makeup tips or makeup products that are worth trying from all the mass media sources: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc… it can be overwhelming! Are they all worth it? Should you really follow all of these tips or use every single product that is recommended?

Sometimes media confuses us by convincing us that most famous makeup artists are using a certain product or technique when they’ve actually never actually practiced it! For example, once social media claimed that Mario Dedivanovic was using Banana Powder by Ben Nye on Kim K for under the eye area and the truth is that he actually never did! You know what happened anyways? The moment that everyone saw this article they swept this powder from the shelves in a second to try to achieve the same look. The same can go for makeup tips and techniques, sometimes we are blindly following trends because we read or heard somewhere about them without even understanding why and the basis of the technique, especially when it doesn’t do any good for our appearance! Since all of us have different face and eye shapes some techniques or products will be good for one and a disaster for another; this is something you should always take into account when following your favorite tips and buying into the hype!

Here are some makeup misconceptions – remember always stop and think before applying!:

1.      We think that to get a better coverage out of foundation we have to layer a thick layer of it at once. The truth? It will look extremely cakey! It is much better when you are needing to obtain coverage, you instead apply a thin layer of a product, wait for it to melt into the skin, then apply another layer and check if it is enough and your complexion is evened out the way you want it to. This is how you will get perfect coverage without looking like you are wearing a ton of foundation.

2.      Using your fingers for blending your foundation instead of a brush or sponge. You can’t blend it perfectly with your fingers as sometimes you will press harder, sometimes more lightly. You will also be using way too much product with your fingers! Use a brush or a beauty sponge to blend out the foundation. These tools will help you blend the foundation seamlessly so that it will look like “no makeup” on your skin.

3.      Choosing the right foundation shade on the back of your arm. The color of your arm will always differ from your face! So the truth is you have to even out your complexion with reference to your neck and chest. If they are all different colors you should match everything to your chest (if you are wearing something with a low neckline) and to your neck in all other cases. You will always test on your jaw line to see if it works. Yes, this is the toughest part but is key in helping you find and match the right shade of foundation.

4.      Setting a foundation with powder otherwise it will melt away! It is not true at all. Sometimes women have dry skin and powder after foundation will make their skin look patchy and even drier and they will feel tightness throughout the day making it not comfortable to wear. Use powder only if you feel like you have to use it, for example, if your skin is oily or to get rid of tackiness, or use it only on some areas (like T-zone); you can leave other parts of your face free from powder. Another benefit of not using powder? It will give you a glowing skin effect that is so popular right now.

5.      Highlighting the tip of your nose will make it look slimmer and more glamorous. The truth? This may look good in those social media selfies (if you like the look) but it will look very weird and it will elongate your nose in real life. Add highlighter only to the bridge of your nose!

6.      Thinking that smokey eyes/defined lower eye lid will make your eyes smaller. Or applying eye pencil into the waterline will make them smaller. The truth? This is actually the opposite - “smokey eyes” is a makeup technique which actually makes your eyes bigger and more defined, but you have to do it the right way! Do not leave any harsh lines unblended; every eye shadow has to be blended perfectly into each other making the transition into your skin seamless in order to add more definition to your eyes. As soon as you perfect smokey eyes technique you will use it most of the time as it is the easiest and fastest way to enhance your eyes.

7.      Believing that thick eye liner will make your eyes bigger. The truth? Dark color pulls your eyes back meaning it may make them appear smaller. If you want to accentuate your eyes draw a thin/medium line, not the thick one!

8.      Thinking that eye shadows cannot be the same color with your eye color. This is a misconception. The truth is choosing different hues of the same color of your eyes can make your eyes pop the same as the usage of contrasting colors! You just have to experiment and find the right ones.

9.      We were told for years that you cannot use shimmery eye shadows on elderly women. This is so not true! Shimmery eye shadows chosen wisely will look beautifully refined (as well as on all other ladies)! Just remember that shimmer should not be chunky, instead the shimmer should provide subtle highlight and be finely ground, this is the key to making it look great!

10.  Over-lining your lips will make them look fuller. The truth? If you over-line your lips too much they will look unnatural! To create an illusion of bigger lips try an ombré technique by applying a lighter shade in the center of your lips that will diffuse into the darker one in the corners of your lips. Also you can use highlighter on your cupid’s bow and use wisely a contouring shade right above and below your lips to create an illusion of a shade. These tricks instead will definitely help your lips appear to look bigger.

11.  Choosing High Definition (HD) powder for your face will make you look flawless in pictures. The truth is powders with silica (and this is the main ingredient in these types of powders) will help blur imperfections on your face giving an airbrushed effect but at the same time even the smallest amount of powder with silica will cause a tremendous flashback. This doesn’t mean you cannot use HD powders at all, as they have amazing benefits in terms of makeup making your skin look flawless. You can wear them on a daily basis or for a photo shoot either in a studio, for example, where they use special equipment to diffuse the light without it being too harsh causing a flashback or if you or your client is going to a photo shoot taking place outside at daytime. There will be plenty of natural light and a flash will not cause the flashback and the dreaded white spots in the photo on your face. However, if you are going to any event where photographers will mostly use flash photography and it will be inside or in the evening you may look like a ghost with white traces of powder all over your face! The key is knowing what kind of light will be used on the event, so you may choose the right product to avoid. Keep in mind, silica is not the only culprit for flashback - titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide (which usually are a part of makeup that has SPF) can have the same effect as silica, but usually are not as extreme. A lot of primers or foundations contain SPF so if you know that you or your client will go to the event that will have mostly flash photography just don’t use these kinds of products. If your client insists on using some products with SPF you may lessen its flashback effect by applying a colored powder on top of the foundation. Otherwise you will end up with not flattering white spots on your face when being photographed.

The most important tool to always remember? Practice, don't worry, and have fun! Continued practice and experimentation will always make perfect. If you make mistakes, you will always learn from them and it will help you to continue to improve your craft. Some techniques will work for you while they may not work for others; makeup is an artistry and each individual artist will have their own different forms of expression!

Makeup Tips To Improve Your Game

Like in every profession, the more you work and the more information you absorb, the more experienced you are! Experience provides you with tips and tricks that will change your work completely to make your work faster and of better quality. The same is with makeup. Some tips you will learn from YouTube videos, some tips you will read about in magazines, you can even go to a makeup school to follow your dream to become a Certified Makeup Artist and they will teach you the foundation of knowledge and provide experience. Additional tips you will learn from other Makeup Artists as you work in the industry and with all of this built up experience you will begin to build your perfect and unique skill set that works best for the Makeup Artist you aspire to be!

In this article, I am going to share the makeup tips that I learned throughout my career that can help you work with clients or can help improve your makeup game if you do it only for yourself:

1. Nothing is more frustrating than when you finish doing your eye makeup and you begin applying mascara and all of a sudden - it gets onto your perfectly blended eye shadows! To get rid of the smudged mascara just wait until the mascara is dry and remove it with a dry Q-tip.

2. If you feel like your mascara is not working effectively as it used to; it may just be dry, of course, but if you bought it recently and it just doesn't do the best job - try to remove extra product from your mascara wand. It will change your mascara game for sure (and prevent loads of clumps)! You can do it on a paper towel or on the sides of the mascara tube.

3. Eyeliner always makes us hold our breath and we pray it will turn out perfectly (even the most experienced Makeup Artist can have their off days!). However, have no fear, it can always be fixed - even if it isn’t straight enough, don't panic! You can fix it with a Q-tip dipped into eye cream and lightly applying on top of the crooked part; this will remove your mistake. Or, you can use a concealer with good coverage to correct the application. Take the concealer on a synthetic flat brush and cover the areas that need to be fixed – never forget to blend it!

4. When you have dry lips none of the lipsticks or colored lip glosses will look good on them (except possibly a clear gloss). To get rid of dead skin on your lips you can use a scrub, or a toothbrush. Go over your lips a couple of times to “exfoliate” and make them baby smooth. Also never forget to use lip balm or any hydrating lip product afterwards! If you do it regularly your lipstick or lip gloss will always look fresh and properly moisturized!

5. If you are looking into more natural makeup removers for your makeup, your search is over! Coconut oil is a great makeup remover.

6. If you forgot to bring blush with you on set or you are searching for a more natural looking blush, coming from within, try to use your cream lipstick as a blush. Be sure to blend, of course. Remember, you can not apply it on top of powder, only on bare face or on top of liquid or cream foundation. Otherwise, it will not blend!

7. If you decide to create a festive look with some glitter, removal can sometimes be hard. So the best tip is to use tape! You just press in onto the areas where you applied glitter and gently pull it off. Go over these areas until all of the glitter is removed - be gentle!

8. Do not ask your clients to smile hard when you apply blush and don't do it yourself. As when a person stops smiling her cheeks will go back down which leaves the blush at a lower spot than intended. This is an important professional tip for mature skin especially!

9. If you want a perfect skin when you are 60, having less wrinkles and lack of dark spots, wear sunscreen today and every day! You should always use sunscreen underneath your makeup as well.

10. Don’t neglect tightlining! Especially if you don't have a lot of lashes, or they lack volume. It changes the eye makeup game entirely making the eyeliner look complete, lashes thicker and lash line full. So many benefits, right?

11. If you still use your brushes to apply and blend out your foundation try to use a beauty blender for blending. Beauty blenders can truly be a game changer! It blends your foundation seamlessly making it melt so invisibly into your skin. It works magic with blending your contouring as well leaving no place for harsh lines!

12. If you don't have time to do a full glam on yourself or on anybody else, I mean foundation, contouring, brows, lips, lashes… Choose brows, they are the most important! As soon as you “wear” brows your face looks framed!

13. The brow game has to be strong! To get perfect brows you have to follow the rule:

a) Find where your brow starts by holding a brush upright along the side of your nose. “1 (shown in the photo below)” this is where your brow has to start.

b) Find your arch by angling the brush upwards through the center of your pupil. Your highest point of the arch has to be where “2” is.

c) Find where your brow should stop by angling the brush towards the end of your eye. The end of the brow will be where “3” is.

The beginning and the end of the brow has to be on the same level, the end might slightly be higher but never lower!

14. If you were not born with thick lashes, never fear, you can use this trick: after you prepped your eyes with primer use loose powder to set it and apply a bit onto your lashes. When you apply mascara afterwards it will give your lashes extra volume!

15. If you decided to go with smokey eyes and decide to highlight your waterline as well to make a bolder effect, do not apply eyeshadow, only use eyeliner. First, it can irritate your eye as the eyeshadow is chunky and its parts can easily get into your eye. Second, it will not stay there! Use gel eyeliners or eye pencils instead.

16. Never leave eyeshadows unblended, especially the darker ones. Unless you are doing an editorial or creative makeup look which is supposed to have this kind of application (for your artistic expression). If you decide to work with darker eyeshadows and don’t feel very confident that you will be able to blend them really well, use lighter colors as transition shades in the crease first and then application and blending of dark eyeshadows will be much easier! Even pro Makeup Artists use this tip!

17. One more tip about working with darker eyeshadows or eyeshadows that fall out really easy. Apply a load of translucent powder under the eye area. If you have fall outs you will dust it off easily with this powder in the end. Or you can use specially designed Shadow Shields for it. They stick to your lower eyelid making the area under your eyes secure from any fall outs. Or you can even use a napkin, lightly pressed under the lower lash line while you are applying the tricky eye shadow!

18. One little thing that can ruin your client’s attitude towards your work is when eyelash glue sticks the upper and lower lashes together and she cannot open her eyes! Be careful! A solution to this is while applying lashes don't ask your clients to close their eyes, instead ask them just to look down.

19. I know there is a ton of makeup products on the market right now, and the amount is constantly growing. It is impossible to buy all of them! I know the struggle is real, they look so beautiful whispering “you need me”. I am a makeup hoarder, I get it! BUT! The thing is that most of the best products are already invented and produced, you just have to really look into reviews to find what will work best for you. Don't play by the makeup brands’ rules which show you so many ads making you want to buy their products even if you already have 10 of the same products at home! If you still feel like you need this new product for your kit, read reviews before buying it and then see if you can test it out prior to purchasing! It is very often that a product does not meet your expectations when you read another person’s opinion and see swatches. I know that we can almost always return or exchange the product that is not right for us but why disappoint yourself after trying out the product without reading reviews? Of course also aside from the money saved – it is time saved and well spent!

You will learn a lot of makeup tips and tricks from everywhere – inspiration is all around you! Keep an open mind that not every product or tip will work for you – this is completely ok. We all have different eyes and face shapes, different skin colors and different skin types! Don’t worry if you cannot make a certain product or technique work. Find the ones that are best for you! It may take a bit of time but you will find it! Trust me!


Top New (and Fun!) Makeup Trends To Experiment With

With each year comes new beauty possibilities, new experiments, and new trends. As we reflect halfway through 2017 (can you believe it!?), we are reporting on the new, fun, and exciting makeup looks that have been brought to the forefront this year, and will continue to withstand the test of time!

While these are a set of beauty trends that you can follow and always use as a guide for beauty inspiration, keep in mind to always stay true to yourself (and/or your client’s aesthetic!) and expand on these looks to create a vision that is uniquely your own and artistically you.

Dark Lips

Think wine stained lips, dark reds and brown ombre. There is something about the intensity of this look combined with the fresh eyes that were on the runway. Effortless, with a touch of provocative darkness.

Two-Tone Lips

I’m sure you’ve seen this look on your favorite Instagram stars? We love it! This style may seem more suitable for the runway or editorial department, but with the right color pairings, you can add this to your daily look. The two tones will actually highlight the dimension of your lips (if properly blended), and you really don’t have to go crazy with the colors, a gorgeous shade of matte red on the upper lip combined with a deeper variation on the bottom will do trick. At a distance the two colors will look the same, but from close up, it will give you the playfulness you are looking for.

Blush it Up

This year’s blush look is anything but subtle (and this look is especially perfect for the coming Summer months as we regain our sunkissed glow!). MAC pigment works great for this look, but be sure not to go overboard. A subtle pop of color and flush will go a long way!

Gloss it Up

We are not only talking about the lips, eyelids can even apply here too (and a touch of gloss on the skin lends for the perfect cheekbone or collarbone sheen)! A touch of shimmer highlights the best features and will create the perfect youthful glow.

Watercolor Eyes

Pastels! Think of a mix of lavender, aqua, and gold shadows – you are the artist! This look brings a surreal delicacy to the makeup world; a romantic and artistic fairy world meets fashion, and transforms it into beauty! 

Smudgy Eye

If pastels are not your thing, and you are more of a smoky eye type of girl or guy, then you have to try the smudgy eye. As seen on the runway of Christopher Kane, where a patchy eyeshadow represented cigarette ash. Over at Balmain and Altuzarra where you can see how the black liner was used to create a bold smudgy finish. Meanwhile at Rag & Bone kohl liner was applied to give a "late night, early morning" feel. What does that mean for you? If your liner is a little smudged out, it's no longer a big deal – messy can truly be the new cool (with the right look of course!)

Glitter Heaven

Glitter is definitely still going strong. This is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your editorial dreams, as glitter always photographs so well! Some great new trend tips – used in your cut crease, scattered below your lashline, as a highlight, the opportunities are endless!

Powerful Brows

A beauty staple of the past few seasons, statement brows are here to stay. And what better way to tie your entire look together than framing your face with a beautifully bold brow? They don’t need to be perfectly trimmed or arched – in fact, some extra hairs are a good thing (though we’re not sure how we feel about the “feather-caterpillar brow” that’s taken Instagram by storm) – they should still look groomed. To get the look, try brow gels with fibers for added thickness.

This is the year to vamp up your style with new and edgy looks that take you outside of your comfort zone to truly make a statement. Some of the biggest trends we have seen on the runway this past season have a lot to do with color, being bold and standing out from the crowd. It's like the beauty world awakened and wants to bring the magic back! We love this and can’t wait to see how Makeup Artists continue to take these looks to the next level!